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So, I finally have the kahooonas to upload this video from my phone and make it public in its entirety.  
Here is a video of my final run on finals day. I may not have had the hardest book out there, but I was given a huge responsibility with this show and pulling it off was the hardest, and yet the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my musical career. 
So here it is everyone. Here is me playing E=MC2 on finals day in 2013. Enjoy.

(You should also watch the color guard behind me because they are flawless)

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Basically me when I’m trying to cheer someone up.
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It’s one of my dreams to become apart of Carolina Crown since I started guard a few years ago. I’d kill just to perform with them once.

oh hey that’s my face
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Sign up to audition for Carolina Crown 2015!!!



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Oh look, I’ve been impaled 😎 #industrial
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You all over estimate my attractiveness

My life

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extra creamy mac and cheese